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Debt Management Services

Posted by | Posted in Debt Management | Posted on 13-09-2011

Letting debt get out of hand can be a serious and costly mistake. Bad debt can lead to loss of assets, a collection on personal items, bankruptcy and a negative credit rating. All these are pretty undesirable situations and that’s why it is important that all debt is managed to acceptable levels. A good way to achieve this is via debt management solutions.

A good debt management plan is a plan that will enable a person or a family manage their debt repayments even when they are facing financial difficulties and are unable to meet their repayment obligations. Suitable debt management plans can be designed or obtained from personal finance specialists, financial advisers or free of charge from some debt advice organizations. Some of these debt management organizations are charitable institutions that exist with the sole aim of providing guidance, counseling, assistance and advice to people facing debt problems.

A person can come up with their own suitable debt management plan or receive one from a financial institution that will also provide debt relief funds in form of a loan and also act as an intermediary between a person and their creditors. A good debt resolution plan will need to be carefully planned. The financial adviser on the opposite side will need to assess the indebted person’s financial position so as to make the best decisions regarding their debt management plan. One of the first things that is done is to determine the person’s income from all sources. Once this is determined, a list of essential payments such as rent, food and other payments is listed. Please not that these are essential payments that enable you to live, and not luxuries or unnecessary entertainment. From what is left over, a debt management plan is formulated that will enable the debt holder make repayments on a regular basis to all debts that they owe until they are all repaid. The financial adviser should contact the creditors so that they agree to this plan and avoid charging penalties and other fees to the debt.

Once the debt repayment process gets underway, the person should take necessary steps to avoid future debts and also make attempts to improve their credit ratings.